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Flying area Kufstein - Kaiserlift - Brentenjoch - Kaisergebirge

For the flight area in Kufstein the following applies

due to its location in a nature and wildlife conservation area

special rules and conditions! PLEASE NOTE!

The most important rules at a glance

Operating hours:

  • From 15 May to 31 October
  • one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset

Every pilot who wants to fly at the Brentenjoch needs

  • Valid overland license and owner's liability insurance for hang-gliders and paragliders
  • Authorization card from the Paragliding Center Triol (area briefing)
  • Brentenjoch ID number / entry in the pilot's book at the mountain station
  • Proof of payment of take-off and landing fees

Urgently observe the overflight altitudes:

  • Bottom station 300 m
  • Lift ropes 50 m
  • Road at the landing place 20 m
  • 300 m Above no-fly zones (wildlife and nature conservation zones)
  • Settlement / urban area 300 m with strong valley wind!

The aircraft will only be packed at the dismantling site, even after an outlanding.

The instructions of the railway personnel/air traffic control (identity card), the take-off and landing site manager or flight instructor must be obeyed.

Anyone who knowingly or unknowingly disregards rules, disobeys orders, takes off or lands in the Kufstein flight area without an area briefing or authorization card must expect a ban or an action for trespass.


The detailed rules in the flight area Kufstein - here the FBO to download.
You can find the application form for the issuance of an authorization card here.