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Tandem flying in Kössen - Unterberghorn - Kaiserwinkl

For our tandem flights we select only the most beautiful flight areas.


Tandem flying in Tyrol

The Kaisergebirge is a mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps in the Eastern Alps. It is located in Austria in the province of Tyrol between Kufstein and St. Johann in Tyrol. The Kaisergebirge consists of two distinctive mountain ranges, the Wilder Kaiser and the Zahmen Kaiser, as well as the Niederkaiser (Lower Emperor) to the southeast.

It is one of the most famous mountain groups in the Eastern Alps and is of great importance for climbers and mountaineers as well as for hikers and paragliders. The largest part of the Kaisergebirge is a nature reserve - we are therefore very concerned about "gentle tourism".


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Unterberghorn / Kössen,

The Kössener Bergbahn is a modern gondola lift (small cabins) which leads over the north-side ski slopes and meadow slopes of the Unterberghorn (1773 m). The mountain station provides quick access to the summit, with only the last few metres of difference in altitude running along a rocky path. Experienced mountain hikers with complete surefootedness and orientation have the option of a round tour with a more challenging alternative descent into the Niederhauser Valley. Due to its isolated location, the Unterberghorn offers a very good and comprehensive panoramic view - the neighbouring Kaisergebirge can be seen particularly well. The Kössener Bergbahn is also a popular ascent aid for paragliders and hang-gliders (the starting slope is right next to the top station of the gondola lift).